Serving the Organizational and Infrastructure Capacity Building Needs
of the Nonprofit Community in Lackawanna County

History of the Center

The Scranton Area Community Foundation (SAF) has served the community since 1954 as a philanthropic partner, steward, grantmaker, and community catalyst. Its mission is to enhance the quality of life for all people in Lackawanna County through the development of organized philanthropy.

SAF provides funding to help nonprofits manage the projects and programs that enhance the quality of life in Northeastern PA. In 2012, SAF realized that in addition to providing funding, they could help maximize nonprofit organizations’ ability to meet their critical missions by providing access to programs, training, and related technical assistance. To that end, SAF established the Center for Community Leadership and Nonprofit Excellence.

By investing in the education and upkeep of nonprofit organizations, and through forging effective partnerships, SAF will help to improve the effectiveness of these organizations, thereby broadening their impact in Lackawanna County.

Through support from SAF and partners such as the Moses Taylor Foundation, the Center for Community Leadership and Nonprofit Excellence has the opportunity to extend its reach further into our Community.

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