Focus on a Fund for March: The Wilderness Fund


Rock climbing and backpacking in Joshua Tree National Park

Focus on a Fund: The Wilderness Fund

The Scranton Area Community Foundation appreciates the opportunity to tell you about this unique featured fund in March’s edition of our Focus on a Fund series: The Wilderness Fund.

The Wilderness Fund was established by an anonymous donor in September of 1998. Every year since its creation, the fund has provided several students from Scranton High School with a scholarship to participate in the Outward Bound program. The Fund also covers the round-trip costs of transportation from Scranton to the location of the wilderness expedition. With the majority of children attending Scranton School District coming from homes that fall below the federal poverty guidelines, a trip of this magnitude that gets children outdoors and beyond the city’s borders is a luxury they may not have access to without assistance. One anonymous donor at the Scranton Area Community Foundation decided to help create a new opportunity for these children. The donor believed that all children need the opportunity to go see the world, explore nature, and, through the process, discover themselves along the way. So, the donor created The Wilderness Fund.

Sailing and backpacking in Maine

The Wilderness Fund scholarship recipients attending the Outward Bound program, a non-profit educational organization, are provided with “challenging learning expeditions that inspire strength of character, leadership and service to others, both in and out of the classroom.”
The program pushes students to conquer challenging nature trails across the county, from Maine to Oregon and everywhere in between, and emerge from the exploration with deeper self-confidence and an unforgettable experience. Through The Wilderness Fund, one anonymous donor has changed and will continue to change the lives of countless students in Scranton forever.

If you would like to create your own fund to help change lives, please contact Rachel Drazdowski, Esq. at the Scranton Area Community Foundation at You can contribute to The Wilderness Fund by mailing a check to the Foundation at 615 Jefferson Ave, Ste. 102 Scranton, PA 18510 or by going here. Please be sure to note “Wilderness Fund” with your gift.

Rafting and mountaineering in Oregon