SAF Shares ‘The Path Forward’

path-forwardAs we celebrate our 60th anniversary of giving, The Scranton Area Foundation remains committed to listening to the community we serve in order to most effectively address the challenges we face through grant making, community leadership, and civic engagement.  In line with our mission, we are presenting The Path Forward: A Summary of the Scranton Area Foundation Open Forum on Community Needs, a new report representing the compilation of information shared at the 2013 Scranton Area Foundation Open Forum, held on July 30 and August 12, 2013.

The Path Forward is an educational resource presented to Scranton Area Foundation donors, friends, community leaders, and other foundations, to enhance awareness of some of the most pressing challenges facing our community.  At the Forum, Over 50 nonprofit organizations gathered to address the leadership of the Scranton Area Foundation.  The Path Forward is designed as a tribute to the many nonprofit organizations dedicated to making a difference in our community, often with limited funding and while facing significant challenges.

As Lackawanna County’s Community Foundation, we believe that our impact expands far beyond the role of grant-maker. Community leadership remains an important priority, as we seek to support nonprofit organizations by delivering programs and services that assist them in carrying out their important roles. Civic engagement is also an important role of the Foundation, as we work to help generate and implement more effective, collaborative responses to the issues we face in our community by establishing partnerships and sharing information.

The Path Forward is a publication of The Scranton Area Foundation Center for Community Leadership & Nonprofit Excellence, which was established to help support the leadership of local nonprofit organizations through the delivery of programs and services that help advance their missions.   The Path Forward also illustrates some of the initiatives we are implementing at the Foundation in order to positively impact our community, as well as opportunities for good citizens to get involved and make a difference.