Scranton Area Foundation Celebrates 60 Years of Community Service

logo_safThe year 2014 marks a significant milestone in the history of the Scranton Area Foundation, as we celebrate our 60th year serving the people of Lackawanna County.  The 60th anniversary represents an opportunity for the Scranton Area Foundation to raise public awareness of our mission and our impact on the community, and to refresh our image and identity in the eyes of the public.  We are proud to unveil a newly designed logo and website to commemorate this landmark anniversary, and to position the Scranton Area Foundation as a community leader, educator, and convener through a varied range of programs and community-wide public events that both profile our past accomplishments and frame our vision for the future.

Looking Ahead

Community foundations are a living tribute to the power of individuals and neighborhoods to bring about transformative change when united in a common mission. At the Scranton Area Foundation, our 60th anniversary celebration allows us to honor the legacy of generosity that built our Foundation and our community, as we also look to the future.  We are inspired by our history, and challenged and excited by the possibilities that lie ahead.

Throughout the 2014 anniversary year, our commitment to building the capacity, sustainability, and leadership of local non-profit organizations will remain a central focus of our work. Highlighting our role as a central knowledge resource on ‘Building Community’, the Scranton Area Foundation will sponsor a series of educational seminars, training and technical assistance programs, and interactive workshops to area non-profit agencies and community leaders.

As a regional grantmaker, SAF will offer several new funding opportunities to non-profit organizations in Lackawanna County.  These changes to the grant application process and funding parameters reflect the Scranton Area Foundation’s interest in making more impactful and proactive grants.  The year 2014 will bring an expanded menu of grant offerings that include matching grants, collaborative community impact grants, and critical needs grants.  By funding collaborative projects, the Scranton Area Foundation recognizes that the sharing of resources is a more efficient model and will ultimately have a greater positive impact on our community’s most pressing needs.

As a philanthropic partner to donors in our region, we will feature the story of the generosity of many families in our area, and the inspiration behind their giving and what hopes and dreams they have for our area in years to come.

One Single Act

In 1954, a single act of generosity on the part of the Scranton Family led to the creation of the Scranton Area Foundation, illustrating the profound impact one person can have on an entire community. The Scranton family revolutionized charitable giving in our area by establishing a community trust, and this initial gift was the seed which has grown into a permanent vehicle for donors to accomplish their philanthropic goals while helping to support positive change in our community.


The Scranton Foundation incorporated Area into its name in 1970, and in 1988 received official IRS designation as a public community foundation. In 1998, the Foundation converted from a trust to a corporation, the Scranton Area Foundation, Inc.  The financial resources would be pooled and invested. The board of directors would distribute the resources annually to the needs of the city of Scranton and surrounding areas.

Investing in Our Community

The Scranton Area Foundation manages over 130 individual funds established by various donors, and has assets totaling more than $30 million.  These assets provide the annual income that helps our community’s non-profit organizations and projects.

“In 2012 alone, the Scranton Area Foundation provided over $900,000 in grants and scholarships to our region, and hundreds of donors contributed to the Community Needs Fund of the Scranton Area Foundation.” states Foundation President & CEO Laura Ducceschi “The Scranton Area Foundation relies on the unrestricted contributions of individuals in our region to make this possible.”

Today, more than 750 community foundations exist in the U.S., each serving different communities with different needs.  But most share the same goals of providing leadership, encouraging philanthropy, and constructing permanent resources in our community, while improving the quality of life for people in our community.

To find out how you can be a community leader, and how you can participate in our 60th anniversary celebration, contact us at (570) 347-6203, or at