Scranton Area Foundation Announces 2014 Grant Cycle

The Scranton Area Foundation is the community foundation of Lackawanna County.  We proactively work with the community to solve problems, driving the process of social change, while responding to our community’s greatest needs.  As a community foundation, we provide funding based on a variety of issues which serve to best enhance the quality of life, and which define our community. In general, grants will be awarded to 501c3 organizations which enhance the quality of life in Lackawanna County.

Grant Opportunities & Deadlines

The Scranton Area Foundation is pleased to announce four distinct grant opportunities for the 2014 grant cycle.  Corresponding requirements, and deadlines are as follows:

 *In general, critical needs grants will be made at a level at or below $10,000.  In specific instances where the organization wishes to apply for a larger grant, it is important that they contact the foundation in advance of submission of a Letter of Intent.

Application Process

The application process begins with a Letter of Intent (LOI) submitted via email to   Letters of Intent may be submitted at any time.  Applicants invited to submit a full application will be notified by SAF and assigned login credentials to access the online application through the SAF Website.

Criteria for Community Needs Grants and Critical Needs Grants*

*Please note: Criteria for Collaborative Impact Grants and Matching Grants will be announced in March, 2014.

As a Community Foundation, The Scranton Area Foundation responds to community needs and opportunities with grants in such diverse fields as health, education, arts, environment, human services, and civic affairs.  Applications will be reviewed by Foundation Leadership and Grants Distribution Committee. Grant applications are assessed and evaluated according to specific criteria including but not limited to:

In general, the Scranton Area Foundation does not fund capital campaigns*, annual campaigns, or multi-year grants.

*In situations where capital improvements can be directly related to program impact or are integral to enhancing the quality of life of our area, they may be considered.  Please contact the foundation before submitting a LOI.

Current Community Needs

As always, organizations which serve the needs of residents in Lackawanna County are encouraged to keep the Foundation informed of their programs and services and to share their ideas about addressing community needs and opportunities.  Any questions regarding the 2014 Grants Cycle should be sent to, or by calling the Foundation at 570-347-6203.