Greater Carbondale YMCA Invests in Its Future with SAF

The leadership of the Greater Carbondale YMCA took the step on Monday, January 22, 2018 to ensure the long-term fiscal security of the organization by establishing an agency endowment fund with the Scranton Area Community Foundation. An agency endowment fund is a permanently endowed fund established by a nonprofit organization, which is designed to last in perpetuity. Working with a community foundation to create and manage an agency endowment fund can help to provide a nonprofit with an ongoing, dependable stream of revenue for decades into the future. Typically, organizations with endowment funds are less susceptible to fluctuations in funding levels than organizations that lack endowment funds and, with a source of reliable revenue, are better able to plan for their future.

The Greater Carbondale YMCA provides outstanding services to the entire region they serve; it is not uncommon for members of the Carbondale YMCA to refer to fellow members as “family” and consider the YMCA to be a second home. In a recent SEER Analytics member survey of YMCAs across the nation, the Greater Carbondale YMCA ranked in the top 20 out of 500 other participating YMCAs, and achieved a 99 percentile ranking in community impact. Although the Greater Carbondale YMCA has been serving the people of the Carbondale region since 1885, an agency endowment had never been started. The current leadership saw the benefits of initiating an endowment fund and decided to act in order to secure a more stable future for the YMCA. With the creation of a permanent agency endowment fund, members who want to support the YMCA through Charitable Gift Annuities or Charitable Trusts will have those options available to them. The YMCA can count on a percentage of the funds they invest into the endowment to be matched by the Foundation. They will also be able to call on the charitable planning expertise of the Scranton Area Community Foundation, when needed. For years into the future, the vital programs and work provided by the Greater Carbondale YMCA can continue to help the members that rely on the YMCA as the place that provides them with programs that promote a healthy mind, body, and spirit. The Carbondale YMCA is indeed the spirit of its community.

Pictured from left to right: Rachel Drazdowski, Director of Philanthropy Scranton Area Community Foundation, Laura Ducceschi, President & CEO Scranton Area Community Foundation, Heather Murphy, Financial Development Director Greater Carbondale YMCA, Jason Mackie, Associate Executive Director Greater Carbondale YMCA