NEPA Match Day Invitation Will Go Out Next Week

THIS IS NOT THE INVITATION TO JOIN! If your nonprofit agency would like to join the collective, this post contains information about what you will need to submit when the invitation to join is sent next week.

Our goal is to help 25 nonprofits (501(c)(3)s) serving Lackawanna County build their capacity by matching the funding they raise on May 4, 2018. For each dollar raised by a participating organization on May 4th, the Foundation will provide a dollar-for-dollar match, up to $1,000 per organization. So, if you raise $1,500 on May 4th, your total will be $2,500! But this year, there is more!!

All nonprofits participating in 2018’s NEPA Match Day collective have the opportunity to win one of three substantial bonuses. To promote the importance of long-term, nonprofit sustainability, the organizations with agency endowment funds at the Scranton Area Community Foundation will be given preference to participate in the Match Day collective.

Last year, the single giving day event raised over $140,000 for our community, which was the first time the collective exceeded the $100,000 threshold. 2017 also marked the first time since Match Day’s inception that two nonprofits topped single day totals of $10,000 each, twelve nonprofits exceeded $5,000, and every one of the 25 nonprofits exceeded the $1,000 Match Day goal.

If your organization is not already signed up for the Foundation’s nonprofit email list, you should sign up as soon as possible. The official invitation to join the NEPA Match Day collective will be published sometime during the week of January 15th through the Foundation’s email list, website, and social media pages.

Once the official invitation is published, we will accept the first 25 organizations to meet the listed criteria. If you were one of the first 25 organizations, you will receive a notification email that your organization has been invited to join the 2018 collective.

The following paragraphs detail the criteria necessary to join 2018’s NEPA Match Day collective.

As soon as the invitation to join NEPA Match Day is published, please email stating that your organization wants to participate. In the same email, please provide the following information as your application to join:

The following items are requirements an agency must meet to join the collective:

Limitations on participation:

If you have any questions about participation requirements for 2018’s NEPA Match Day, please call or email Rachel Drazdowski at (570) 347-6203 ext. 302 or